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Our bodies can only function at an optimal level with good nutrition.


Water is essential to good health. Stay hydrated to prevent fatigue.


Meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress and regain balance.


Passionflower extract can be used to calm nerves and aid the induction of sleep.

The natural way to good health...

The Healing Power of Nature

Allow nature to create the environment your body needs for optimum health.


Identify and treat the cause

We look beyond the symptoms to treat the cause.

Treat the Whole Person

View the body as an integrated whole in all its physical and spiritual dimensions.


Naturopathic medicine focuses on health, wellness, and disease prevention.

17th Jan 2013
Ways to Naturally Boost Testosterone

Ways to Naturally Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is the major androgenic hormone found in the body.  Testosterone is often thought of as the male hormone, however, women also have testosterone.  Testosterone is important for sexual function,...

Vitamin C to Prevent the Flu

Concerned about this year’s flu season???  Before you go out and get a flu vaccine, which is only about 60% effective and comes with some nasty little preservatives, consider popping...

10th Jan 2013
menopause cartoon


What is BHRT? BHRT is an abbreviation for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  BHRT is the use of hormones derived from plant-based sources to replace our natural hormones that begin to...

09th Jan 2013
Weight Loss

Weight Loss

A Word About Weight Loss As we enter another new year, weight loss will again be the number one resolution.  By February, 80% of those weight loss resolutions will be...


Tip of the week:  Drink water!  It is very important to stay hydrated especially during the winter months when the cold can be very drying.  In addition, being well hydrated...

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for many biological functions within the body.  B12 is most well know for its energy boosting properties, but it has so many other uses.  It has...

06th Dec 2012
Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome!  Dr Cain is dedicated to providing superior naturopathic care and sound advise for a healthy life.  Visit us often to discover interesting and important information about alternative and integrative...